Aleksandr Dvoekonko

Expert Collaborator

Aleksandr Dvoekonko is an advocate and supporter of Ukraine’s integration to the EU. He finished his MA thesis in the field of public relations at the Institute of Business Development and Strategy of Saratov State Technical University. He specializes also in the history of Ukraine, which he studied at the Ukrainian Free Institute in Germany. He worked at several organizations over the past years including the Charitable Foundation Cultural Heritage, Regional Civic Association Ukrainian National-Cultural Autonomy of St. Petersburg, Iskra or MAMA where he obtained several experiences and skills in the fields of project and event management, fundraising, marketing, and cooperation with different organizations. Since 2016 he has worked in the private sphere as a project manager within, which he organises projects and functions as a facilitator of cooperation amongst state authorities, bodies, and NGOs on the international level. His latest projects are the Ukraine-Slovakia 2021 Forum (devoted to aerospace and industrial cooperation) and the Kharkov-Slovakia Forum (devoted to increasing bilateral cooperation).