Professional symposium – Slovak Innovation Cluster for Defence and Security

Bratislava, 14.11.2023

Institute for Central Europe, c.a., organized an expert symposium to inform about the aims, objectives, and progress of the research project “Slovak Innovation Cluster for Defence and Security”. The project was supported by the Ministry of Defence of SR and aims to provide a comprehensive analysis including practical recommendations in the form of a working manual for the creation of the first specialised sectoral cluster for defence and security in Slovakia. We welcomed representatives of several ministries, state organisations, as well as academia and industry, who were excellent evaluators of the intention to create a specialised cluster in Slovakia.

The manual, which places the need for a cluster for defence and security in the Slovak realities, in the context of the need for international cooperation within the EU and NATO, also contains best practices from selected countries, the benefits of such a cluster for the economy, the rationale for the importance of promoting innovation in the field of defence and security, practical suggestions for the implementation of a sectoral cluster in Slovakia, as well as mapping of potential partners within Slovakia. Practice shows that the promotion of appropriate infrastructure to support innovation, the linking of (also already) existing capacities, and involvement in international projects is a necessity, but also a possibility of the appropriate use of already existing research and production capacities and the most appropriate form of public investment that can multiply their benefits. However, a prerequisite for the successful and efficient functioning of an innovation cluster is the adequate representation and active participation of selected research organisations, industrial entities, and public institutions.