Marek Balko

General Manager

Supporter of European ideals of the rule of law and a developed civil society. He has been advocating pro-European ideas for a long time with an emphasis on building a just society based on the principles of human solidarity and belonging. It is these principles, according to him, that represent the basic starting point for maintaining social harmony, guaranteeing human dignity for everyone.

“We are all called, and each of us must begin with ourselves.”

He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Comenius University in Bratislava, where he received the title of Doctor of Laws. During his more than 25-year professional career, he worked as a lawyer in the commercial sphere, later held several managerial positions and held statutory positions in private as well as state organizations. For the next ten years, he and his wife have been engaged in charitable work through a foundation that, through its activities, tries to alleviate the consequences of the life situations of people suffering from severe disabilities and various forms of socio-economic discrimination.